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Getting Started

Welcome to Toket, your one-stop solution for building applications with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Our user-friendly API makes it effortless to create NFT-based applications, eliminating the need to deal with the underlying blockchain complexities.

🔮 Key Features

Toket is your gateway into the world of NFTs. Our robust API simplifies NFT application development, allowing you to concentrate on your core application. Here are some of the key features that Toket offers:

🖼️ Minting

We have designed an intuitive system that facilitates the minting of NFTs seamlessly. Start by deploying your unique contract through an API call. Once deployed, you can mint NFTs from this contract as per your requirements. Our system ensures that developers can customize their NFT issuance process, making the experience tailored to their specific needs. With Toket, minting becomes a hassle-free task, letting you focus on the creative side of NFTs. (Documentation)

🔑 Wallets

Empower your application with our comprehensive Wallets API. Seamlessly create and manage wallets across supported chains, retrieve detailed wallet information, and track NFT balances. Furthermore, facilitate NFT transfers between wallets, improving your users' experience. (Documentation)

⛽ Gas Tank

The Gas Tank is a revolutionary addition to Toket. This unique feature enables you to cover the gas fees for your users' transactions. By depositing tokens into a dedicated blockchain account, known as the "Gas Tank" you alleviate the often prohibitive costs and complexities users face on the blockchain. It's an innovation aimed at enhancing user experience and fostering broader adoption of blockchain-based applications. Monitor your Gas Tank balance and refill as needed through our dedicated endpoint. Please note, this is a beta feature, and access to it must be requested. (Documentation)

⚡️ Zapier Integration

With our new Zapier integration, it's now easier than ever to interact with our API. This integration allows you to automate workflows and requires no programming knowledge. This makes it possible for anyone to take advantage of the power of NFTs in their applications. (Documentation)

🚀 How to Get Started

Embarking on your NFT journey with Toket involves a couple of simple steps:

  1. Create an account on our API Dashboard to obtain your API key.
  2. Dive into our detailed API documentation and learn from the provided code examples.

🧰 Postman API Library

To make your development experience even smoother, we offer a comprehensive Postman API library. This library contains all our API endpoints, pre-configured for easy testing and integration. You can quickly import the collection and start making API calls right away. Explore our Postman API library here: Toket Postman Collection

Need Assistance?

Reach out to us at if you have any questions or need help.

⚙️ Technical Requirements

While basic programming knowledge is required to use Toket, you don't need prior experience with blockchain or smart contracts. We're here to simplify your journey into the world of NFTs.