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Non-custodial wallet as a service

Welcome to the Wallets section of the Toket API. As part of our commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions for blockchain applications, we offer a powerful Wallets API that empowers you to seamlessly integrate and manage blockchain wallets within your application.


This feature is in closed beta at the moment. To request access to it please email us at

With our Wallets API, you can:

  • Create Wallets: Quickly create new wallets on the supported chain, such as Polygon, and extend your application's interoperability. Each wallet can be associated with metadata for better organization and querying. (Documentation)

  • List Wallets: Efficiently retrieve a list of wallets associated with a specific chain. This feature is crucial for tracking user wallets and understanding asset distribution across various chains. (Documentation)

  • Get Wallet Details: Fetch the details of a particular wallet, including its address, balance, and associated metadata. (Documentation)

  • Get NFT Balance: Obtain a complete list of NFTs held in a given wallet. This feature is instrumental in tracking user assets, understanding asset distribution, and facilitating transactions. (Documentation)

  • Create NFT Transfer Transactions: Initiate transactions for transferring NFTs from one wallet to another. At this time, only NFTs created with the Toket API are available for transfers. (Documentation)

  • Manage Your Gas Tank: With our unique "Gas Tank" feature, you can cover the gas fees for your users' transactions. The Gas Tank is a blockchain account that you fill with gas by depositing chain native tokens. You can monitor your Gas Tank balance and get the deposit address via our "Get GasTank" endpoint. This way, you can ensure your users never run out of gas, improving their experience. (Documentation)

We're constantly working to expand the capabilities of our Wallets API, so stay tuned for future updates.

Security Measures

For an in-depth understanding of the security measures we have in place for wallet management, please visit our Wallets Service Security guide.

Need Assistance?

We're here to help! Reach out to us at if you have any questions, suggestions, or require any assistance.